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Nancy Selden

My name is Nancy Selden. I am a certified personal trainer with over 12 years experience designing and teaching fitness programs for special populations.

My company, WellPeer LLC, specializes in designing long-term fitness programs that accommodate a stroke survivor’s specific physical, neural and cognitive challenges.

In May of 2014 the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association issued a report recommending that physicians prescribe exercise for all stroke survivors. Read the abstract or download the report.

Some people prefer to exercise on their own; some would rather attend a class with peers and others need the support of a professional trainer. No matter what the preference, virtually all stroke and brain trauma survivors need exercise!

Our hope is that this website will help stroke survivors learn how to be more active and start living their BEST POSSIBLE LIFE!

You are our best source of information. We want to know what works, what doesn't and who has helped you so we can share your experiences with others. Please contact us!

Watch a video about Stroke Survivor Fitness classes for stroke survivors: