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working with a personal trainer

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exercising at home using a fitness tube

What are my OPTIONS?


Finding a personal trainer or fitness professional who has experience working with stroke survivors is very important. An experienced professional will know how to help you get stronger and improve your quality of life.


If your post-stroke condition allows you to go to a gym or rec center and take part in classes designed for the general public, you have many options. Participating in a fitness class with others who have had strokes is a supportive and comfortable way to exercise.


If you feel more comfortable exercising at home, your challenge will be understanding what makes a good exercise program and staying motivated. Team up with a spouse, friend or caregiver and do it together.
The best exercise program is the one you will do!


It takes too much time.
Having a stroke should have made you re-think your priorities. Exercise is more important than almost everything else on your to-do list!

Exercise is boring.
Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. With all of these options, interesting exercise is easy to find.

I can’t get to the gym.
If your post-stroke condition prevents you from going to the gym, check out these peer classes and in-home exercise activities.

Exercise isn’t much fun.
Exercise can be fun!

Get inspired to move and have fun being healthy - PLAY!

Work Out Your Words

One in four stroke survivors has some language impairment after stroke. Exercising your WORDS can help improve your language and communication.